Sunday, July 18, 2010


If you haven't read the story behind the SHOP Training Case Study, you can find it HERE.

The results from Max Out Day are in.  The pre-test was as follows:

1-arm pushups - max reps with each arm
1-leg squats - max reps with each leg
Pullups - max reps
5k time trial

1-arm pushups - 7 (R), 5 (L)
1-leg squats - 10 (R), 7 (L)
Pullups - 6
5k time trial - 22:09

First thoughts:  there appears to be a dominant side!  Nothing too shocking about this though, and there is a very easy way to shore up that discrepancy.  When performing a unilateral exercise (e.g. 1-arm pushups), simply start with the weaker side.  When you get to the stronger side, don't do more reps than you did with the weaker side even if you have some gas left in the tank.

After talking through goals and such, I came up with the following template for the week:

DAY 1 - Strength Training
DAY 2 - Yoga
DAY 3 - Aerobic Conditioning (such as 5k, 10k, swimming, etc.)
DAY 4 - Explosive Training
DAY 5 - Anaerobic Conditioning (such as hill sprints or interval training)
DAY 6 - Integrated Circuit Training (including burpees and other conditioning drills)
DAY 7 - Active Recovery (swimming, beach volleyball, walking, extra flexibility/yoga, rest, etc.)
The basic template won't change much from week to week, but the specifics of each day will certainly change.  The volume and intensity of strength training and occasionally the specific exercises will change, the form of conditioning will change, and the exercises used in the conditioning circuit will certainly change.  I think this will provide a nice mix and I think the post-test after his 7 week training cycle will show some good improvements.

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